Melinda Griffith

Today is a good day to start. 


Feeling tired and frustrated?

What Do You Need?


When was the last time you thought about what YOU need or want? 

Have you had a recent change in your life? 

Are you feeling unfulfilled in your personal and romantic relationships?

Have you ever felt like running away from it all? 

Life is constantly changing on us, change is one of the only consistent things that will happen in our lives, and it can be exhausting. 

Do you feel like you need to talk?

How I May Be Helpful


There is a reason you came to this website, and I am so happy you did.


I offer you a safe place to come to each week to work on yourself and your relationships. 

I am an engaged counselor, and I will not simply sit and listen, nor will I offer you advice. I will work as hard as you work, and I am ready when you are to get started.

I offer a free 20 minute phone session to help you feel more comfortable with the process, ask questions about counseling, and get a better feel if I am the counselor for you. There are no expectations when you call.


What To Expect in Counseling with Me


We will sit down in a room together for 50 minutes to talk about you, your frustrations, and your vision of what you want to be different in your life.  

Each week we will work toward your desired goals. The pace of the process is up to you, and any potential change will be because of you.

We cannot go through life alone, we need support from one another, and that is what I am offering you.  




Individual and Couples Counseling

Unable to make it into the office? Telehealth sessions are available, please ask me for more information!


  • Depression
  • Anxiety 
  • High conflict couples counseling
  • Difficulty adjusting to change
  • Life transitions (school, marriage, job, parenting conflict)
  • Poor coping skills
  • Intimacy / sexual concerns
  • Sexual Identity 
  • Grief and Loss


$95 per 50 minute session for an individual

$120 per 50 minute session for couples

Payment is due at the beginning of each session. Cash and credit cards are accepted. For clients with behavioral health benefits, I can provide the necessary documentation to submit a health care claim. Limited sliding scale options may be available upon inquiry. 


Melinda Griffith, M.A., LPC

1000 Westbank Dr, Ste. 6-250 Austin, Texas 78746, United States

(512) 956-6802


By appointment.

Please call or email and I will work with your schedule.

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